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Twin Throttle Power Curve

Some stuff for the future... maybe! The rare Rover twin throttle plenum chamber was originally developed for the 1986 Group A racing engines in the Rover Vitesse. Developed with the assistance of Lotus, initially only 200 were produced. These plenums are supposed to be good for 300 bhp.

twin_plenum_front.jpg (39567 bytes) The Westfield posing with a twin-plenum chamber. This is supposed to be the business for power but getting a bonnet to fit over the top is probably going to be a little tricky.
I don't expect there are many Westfields running twin throttle plenums so it would be amusing just for the rarity value! From the top, it looks just as bad.... The Y piece just floating around
twin_plenum_top.jpg (23771 bytes) twin_plenum_top_y.jpg (24544 bytes)
twin_plenum_side.jpg (22477 bytes) Hmmm, it could just be worth all the hassle!

It will probably go in. I'm just not sure if I should cut the bonnet or try and get a custom made one... This would certainly save messing with removing the diffuser and has been proved to work. If I'm going to mess with the bonnet, I may as well have the best under there.