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The Westfield Seight in its standard trim gives pretty good performance with very impressive 0-60 mph times. However, for me part of the fun of owning a car such as this is thinking of ways to make it better... it is without doubt good already. This is the spec sheet from the Westfield factory..


Engine Rover V8
Cylinders Eight
Displacement 3950cc
Bore & Stroke 94.04mm x 71mm
Compression ratio 9.35:1
Fuel 95 Octane unleaded
Exhaust 2, 3 way catalyst
Valves Two per cylinder
Max. power 200 bhp @ 4750 rpm
Max. torque 318.8 Nm @ 2600 rpm
Gearbox Rover R380 5 speed
Speed per 1000 rpm 25.45 mph (3.38 diff)
0-60 mph 4.3 seconds
Top speed 138 mph
Steering Rack and pinion
Brakes Disc brakes all round
Wheels 7 x 15 Alloy
Tyres 205 x 50 x 15
Fuel tank capacity 11 gallons

The car uses a standard Rover V8 engine from a LandRover. The requirements of a lightweight sports car are of course a little different, hence I started on a few engine modifications!

To date, these include modified air filter, Piper 285 camshaft, stage 3 heads from RPi Engineering and ported but otherwise standard cast exhaust manifolds. The car was then setup by Mark Adams at Power Engineering, using one of his Tornado chips. The results are quite pleasing, if not a little confusing!  The figures quoted on the rolling road are figures at the wheels, wheras the figures quoted above are at the flywheel. The transmission loss is the difference, this I believe is commonly quoted at about 17%.

Other areas I am considering are handling, with the possible addition of anti roll bars and Trax Spax and brakes. I've recently experimented with diamond grooved disks, supposed to assist braking by de-glazing the pads.