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The first modification carried out was the K&N air filter, junking the original air-box...

old_induction.jpg (62028 bytes) This is the standard Westfield inlet setup. I just hate all those wiggly tubes! The cold air ducting is a nice idea which I may re-introduce but the rest of it is in the bin! I've also seen Westfield duct cold air form the bonnet bulge rather than the front grill, looks neater.
Much simplified when compared to  the original Westfield effort. This not only works well but the car started ticking over after it was setup like this which was nice!

Apparently, the biggest problem with the old setup is not really the twisty pipes but the fact that it causes a lot of air turbulence around the hot wire in the hot wire air flow meter, this gives inaccurate, fluctuating readings.

induction.gif (143851 bytes)

More of the same... the 5AM hotwire air flow meter can clearly be seen bouncing around on it's two jubilee clips. I keep thinking I should build a bracket for it, but it hasn't fallen off in the last year, so why bother?

induction_top.jpg (37915 bytes) induction_side.jpg (35003 bytes)