Carbon fibre plenum
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Carbon Plenum Power Curve

The carbon fibre plenum has been designed and developed by ACT Performance Products specifically for the Westfield to hopefully overcome the limitation of the modified Rover plenum.For more details, see RPi Engineering web pages. 

Side view of the carbon plenum. The plenum uses a Jaguar throttle body and the standard Westfield 5AM air flow meter. By angling the throttle body, theoretically the air will be spread out across the roof of the plenum, easing its passage into the trumpets'
Top view, showing how the plenum flares out after the throttle body. This is deliberate, and the idea is the air will be slowed as it spreads.
This is the view into the plenum, basically the route the air will be taking after the air flow meter and filter have been removed. The throttle can be clearly seen in the fully open position, the trumpets can also be seen, sitting down nice and low. They should not be getting in the way of airflow.
A view inside the plenum.
Spark plugs from the left hand bank. 1,3,5 and 7 respectively. See to indicate reasonable distribution.